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St. Joseph’s Industrial School, Tindivanam

This is the first Montfortian institution started in 1904, which celebrates its centenary in 2004. During its 100 years of purposeful existence to elevate the dignity of the less privileged children and empower them with skills and confidence that would place them on par with others in the society. Hundreds of youngsters have gone out of this premier institution well trained for life equipped with a useful trade. “History does not occur by itself but they are created”. It was in the year 1993, that the division of Southern Province took place. “Education is a process of preparation of oneself for life”. With this thought in mind, the St. Joseph community expanded its ministry by bringing up a school in the year 1994, known as ‘Montfort Matriculation Hr. Sec. School’. The school was started by late Bro. Joseph Thottuchalil (Kattapana) to support the orphanage and to develop the overall talents of the students coming from elite groups. By the grace of God and hard work of the Brothers, the school is growing steadily.

It was during the year 1999, that this premier institution of the Indian Gabrielite Mission was transferred to Trichy Province. Bro. Ganapragasam as LS and Bros. Charles Gasper, Easudoss, Cruz Mesias, and Albanraj as members formed the community. The Local Superior of this institution found his trade easy going with his long years of experience and association with the local people. The Brothers’ cemetery was shifted nearer to the grotto of Our Lady to give better pathway to the upcoming high School. Bro. Joseph Thottuchalil once again took up the reins of this institution in June 2001. He organized the inaugural function of the centenary with the cooperation of all concerned. Being the Centenary of the Brothers’ presence in India, the national level celebration took off to a colourful start on 11 Sep 2002. In view of the centenary the community and the institutions were given a face-lift with renovation of the little chapel and the ITI buildings. A centenary monument with the busts of the pioneer Brothers in granite was erected elegantly. A tragedy that took place in a foreign land left the people of Tindivanam in tears. It was the sudden and tragic death of Bro. Joseph Thottuchalil during the early hours of April 29, 2003 in Lourdes, when he was on his Montfortian pilgrimage. His moral remains were laid to rest in Tindivanam, the ground where he gave his sweat and blood.