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* Father,

ever loving, you who have heard the cry of your people, make us attentive to the cries of all your children, our brothers and sisters, crushed by injustice and violence, victims of famine, war, exclusion, and all forms of discrimination. Father, make us builders of compassion and reconciliation towards a universal brotherhood. Inspire us to love this world to which you gave your only Son.

* Jesus,

our brother, you came into this world not to judge but to save, help us to be authentic leaders, following your example: compassionate servants of our brothers and sisters, especially of those whom the world rejects; loving pastors and zealous guides of all those entrusted to our care; faithful and responsible stewards of the gifts you have bestowed on us, knowing that the fruits of the earth are meant to be shared equitably with all.

* Holy Spirit,

breath of love and unity, make our words and our actions promote harmony and peace. Give us the courage to commit ourselves to the cause of justice and peace. May we never stay indifferent and passive in the face of violence and exclusion. Help us build a sustainable world for the generations to come. Spirit of fellowship and harmony, may the Earth be our homeland and the Humanity our family.

* Mary,

Mother of the human family, you who are particularly close to all your children, who live in subhuman conditions, worldwide, enable us to join hands with all those working to liberate children, women, and all the victims of injustice and dehumanizing conditions of extreme poverty.

* Montfort and Deshayes,

our founders and our inspiration, you who have successfully met the challenges of your time, give us your courage and your strength, to commit ourselves with all people of good will, through the numerous international organizations, to meet the great challenges of our time, to build a society where love and faithfulness will meet; justice and peace will embrace. Help us thus become authentic leaders for a greater brotherhood.


O God of our fathers, acknowledging the great need I have of Your Divine Wisdom, I come before you today, to beg this grace of you with all possible earnestness and the greatness and the greatest humility. Send us, O Lord, this wisdom which sits by your throne, to strengthen our weakness, to enlighten our minds, to inflame our hearts, to speak and to act, to work and suffer in union with you, to direct our footsteps and to fill our souls with virtues of Jesus Christ. O Father of mercy, God of all consolation, we ask you for this infinite treasure of your Divine Wisdom. Hear and grant our prayers . Amen

– St. Louis Marie de Montfort

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