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Education Mission

The Prime Mission of the Province

The prime mission of the Province is ‘Education’ in all its multipronged and multifaceted dimensions. This ‘privileged field of Education’ must find its expression in the
‘evangelizing mission of the church’.
“Your active share
in the evangelizing mission of the Church
as a Brother of Saint Gabriel,
lies in the privileged field of education,
particularly that of school-going youth”

Brothers of the Province have been carrying out this mission ever since its foundation by St. Louis Grignion de Montfort. However, it became more focused with Gabriel Deshayes, the second founder, who gave the Montfortian family a great heritage of educating the differently abled, particularly the visually challenged and the hearing impaired. The Province of Yercaud has a number of excellent academic schools and technical institutions, in addition to some of the best boarding homes. The schools and technical institutions have produced many outstanding personalities in all walks of life -leaders, soldiers, battle heroes, freedom-fighters, Ambassadors, politicians, priests, Religious, Bishops, sportsmen, Olympians, entrepreneurs, social workers, research scholars, scientists and Nation builders.

The ‘Montfortian Education’ propels one to go the extra mile in caring, educating and empowering the differently abled.

The school at Belagola for the hearing impaired is a witness to this ‘Deshayes-Montfort’ vision of true evangelization.

The Montfort Community Development Society (MCDS), in Chennai is another beautiful expression of service to the poorest of the poor and the marginalized. It has a large network benefiting nearly 25,000 people.

The Montfort Community Centre at Kombuthooki (MCC) initiated in 2001 is a daring Montfortian Venture in favour of the less privileged and the oppressed. It takes care of nearly 1000 tribal children who are first generation learners, boys and girls who have never been to school. They are given free education with food, uniform, books, notebooks, transport and medical facilities. After completion of high school, they are placed in colleges and training centres for higher studies. This initiative has brought new life to the area with roads, electricity, transport, telephone and postal service. The tribals are coming out of their age old customs of female infanticide, child labour, child marriage and other negative beliefs and practices.

Obeying the command of our Lord and Master to go out and preach the Good News to all Nations, Montfort Brothers of Yercaud Province work in 3 states of India and in far away countries such as Fiji and Tonga.

“The Church is ever anxious that the Good News
be proclaimed to the poor.
With your Brothers,
You will seek out what is most urgent
for the fulfillment of this task.
Near you, or in far-away countries
they await your fraternal love and your help,
to make them conscious of their human dignity,
to free them from oppression of every kind,
to dispel their ignorance,
to lighten their spiritual distress,
to satisfy their longing for a hope of salvation.
Their condition is also a light from Christ,
Which reveals to you your situation before God”.

“If we do not risk anything for God we will never do anything great for him”. St. Louis Grignion de Montfort.

The Important aspects in this section are:

1. Education Vision of St. Montfort

2. Montfortian Education History

3. Dimension Montfortian Education