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Montfort Techinical Institute, Savusavu ,Fiji Island

Montfort Technical Institute is located 5 kms from the town of the hidden paradise – Savusavu, on the second largest island of Fiji called Vanua Levu. The Government, under the Ministry of Education, established MTI with the financial assistance from the Peoples Republic of China. This includes accommodation block, which could accommodate 60 students, a dining hall with chicken, a workshop and an administration block. Besides these buildings, they provided us with equipment for training as well.

In November 1995, the administration of this Institute was entrusted to Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel, by the Ministry of Education..

His grace Archbishop Petero Mataca, blessed this Institute on 19th March 1996 and classes started the next day. His Excellency, Ratu Sir, K.K.T. Mara, the President of Fiji, officially inaugurated MTI on 7th November 1996.

The ever – increasing demand for admission in this institute has forced the administration to find financial help from funding agencies. Hence the Brothers organized funds from MISEREOR, Germany to build an additional workshop, dining hall extension and new two – story dormitory block. This project got completed in the year 2000 with the new facilities for 120 students. The additional equipment has arrived at the Institute from Europe, during this time.

The mission of this Institute is to help poor children, both academically and economically, with a skill training to become upright and useful citizens of Fiji. Admissions are mainly given to students from Northern part of Fiji, irrespective of race and religion. Most of the students who are training here are poor, are from broken families or having single parents. These students find it difficult to further their education, either due to lack of academic knowledge or financial constrains. Often times we find these students are good with their hands. Technical training gives them a security that they know a trade and confident of earning a decent living. This makes them fully motivated to learn their trade very well. Besides, they hear about the success stories of other students, who have been well placed in life after their completion of studies in Montfort. The students pay boarding fees according to their financial abilities. The amount will be around $20.00 per month.

The Institute offers the following courses:

� Cabinet making

� Motor Vehicle Mechanic and panel beating

� Building trade consist of carpentry, block laying and plumbing.

Agriculture training is integrated in all the above courses. This includes Sheep, Cattle, Goat farming, Fish farming, Ducks, Poultry, Piggery and creative Gardening.

We are able to accommodate 120 students in this Institute.

The training is provided irrespective of race or gender.

The selection and admission of students depend on the following criteria:

� An average age of 15 – 19 years.

� Financially disadvantaged youth.

� Good mental and physical health.

Towards the end of the training at Montfort, the students are conducted trade test by Training Productivity Authority of Fiji, and certificates are given to the successful candidates with class 111 trade certificate, along with Montfort Certificate signed by Permanent secretary from the Ministry of Education.

On 16th January 1996, Late Bro. Thomas Mavelil arrived at MTI with some furniture from Montfort Boys town, Suva.

The Pioneers to this Institute are (1996): Late Bro. Thomas Mavelil, Bro. Varghese Kallely for six months and then Bro. Joseph Thomas continued till 1997, In 1997, Bro. Thomas Mavelil handed over the responsibilities of director and Local Superior to Bro. V.U.Thomas on 16th July 1997.

Bro. Oliver Joined the community on 16th October 1997 and on 15th November Bro. Joseph Thomas left for India for higher studies.

24 of our students were graduated on 21st December 1998. Chief guest Mrs. Taufa Vakatale, Minister for Education, Bro. Mathew Pannathanath was present for graduation.

On 31st December, Bro.V.U.Thomas was transferred to Tonga and Bro. Jim Thekkan took over as director and Local superior of MTI.

On 10th January 2000, Bro. Paul Kado took charge as Local superior, Bro. Jim continues as Principal, Bro. Oliver was transferred to Montfort boys town and he left on 14th January 2000.

Bro. Paul Kado left the community and the order of Bro. St. Gabriel on 15th March 2001.

Bro.Selepasio reached Montfort Technical Institute on 20th March 2001 to join the community. On 2nd September, Bro. Selepasio was transferred to Montfort Boys town, suva.

On 15th March 2004, Bro.Gibi John joined the community. Bro. Joseph Kottoor took over as Local superior and Director on 23rd June 2005 and Bro. Jim Thekkan left for Thailand for higher studies.

Bro.Joseph Kottoor was transferred to Tonga and he left beginning of January 2008.

On 2nd February 2008, Bro. V.U.Thomas took charge as Local Superior and director and Bro.Niju thomas As Bursar and Home Superdentent. Bro. gibi John left for India for final vows preparation and renewal program on 1st April 2008.

Bro. Gibi John returned on 31st March 2009 after the renewal program.

By the end of 2009, Bro. Niju thomas went for home leave and returned in January then he left for India.

So far 417 students have graduated from Montfort Technical Institute, Savusavu.

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Montfort Technical Institute
P B No. 503. Savusavu.Fiji Islands

Ph.No: 00679-8850681, 8850729


Community (2019 – 2020)

Bro. Jim Thekkan –  LS & Principal

Bro. Hubert Nakouzebi (BRA) – Bursar