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Montfort Matriculation School, Kolathur


Montfort matriculation Higher Secondary School, Kolathur was started on 3rd June 1997. It is a school providing co-education under the matriculation Board. Working under the banner of Montfort we believe that education of young human beings should involve much more than simply moulding them into future citizens or employees. Education is something which changes everyone and everything you come in contact with, beginning with oneself first. Education is not just learning facts and figures, not just becoming a successful manipulator, but developing into a disciplined humane.

Montfort matriculation Higher Secondary School, Kolathur is a small (1000 students + staff), wonderful family where everyone experiences affection, acceptance, appreciation, agreement, disagreement, mutual challenge and contribution to every ones growth and development into students with difference- boys and girls who care for others to bring about the desirable social transformation.


The school aims to provide facilities that ensure all students have the opportunity to study the range of courses available in a rapidly developing curriculum of today. The school has equipped science laboratories, music and performing arts rooms, auditorium, examination hall and learning centre. The school has a large play space that facilitates basketball, Food ball and volleyball.

The Montfort Learning Centre

A library and resource centre occupies the second floor of the 2nd Block. This area above and below the Montfort Learning Centre provides space for student learning. This houses the library book collection as well as other, visual and learning support resources.

Renovated and Additional Classrooms

New and improved classroom facilities were completed in 2010 as part of the Building Plan. These facilities provide improved teaching and learning resources for the student population, including the provision of multimedia projectors.


A multi-purpose hall stands at the middle school property between the hostel block and the main building running at right angles. Allowing for indoor Physical Education classes and other sports, the auditorium has the capacity to hold full school assemblies, liturgies and presentations.

School Leadership Team Correspondent – Br. PRABHU. SG

� ensures the promotion of education in faith within the school, through personal example and through the primacy given to the development of and participation in a sound Religious Education program which includes a coordinated program of prayer and worship;

� ensures that the school operates as part of the school community by establishing appropriate consultation/communication with community parents and the relevant Parents.

� provides effective leadership within the school community to ensure that students receive a quality education in accordance with Catholic Faith and Christian principles, State Registration Requirements and Montfortian Educational policies by planning directing and regularly evaluating curriculum development, teaching programs and extra-curricular activities;

� provides for quality of teaching and learning, for faith development and pastoral care through appropriate selection and guidance of staff and by ensuring the on-going spiritual and professional development of staff.

� establishes an optimum physical learning environment within funding constraints by carefully utilising resources to maintain and develop school premises, equipment and facilities, consistent with Statutory Regulations.

� facilitates a positive school climate amongst students and staff and promotes commitment to school goals by providing effective leadership, a clear sense of purpose and an articulation of the ethos of a Catholic school.

� provides for effective pastoral care of members of the school community by establishing and guiding the processes for identifying and responding to their respective needs.

� implements efficient and effective administrative practices by establishing appropriate communications, resource management, accounting/record-keeping procedures and fulfills the accountability requirements of the System.

Principal in charge: – Mrs D. KAVITHA.

The Deputy Principal is a member of the School Leadership Team, directly responsible to the Principal and works in partnership with the School Leadership Team in providing quality Catholic education for the students of the School. The appointment of a person to this position is made by the Province Leadership Team of the Montfortian Brothers in consultation with the Correspondents.

The Deputy Principal is to assist the Principal in the overall leadership and management of the school. The Deputy Principal is to assume the role of “Acting Principal” at those times when the Principal is off the school premises. The Deputy Principal, together with the Principal, is responsible for the religious and educational leadership of the school as well as its overall direction in order to provide for effective care and education of the students through facilitation of their spiritual, social, academic and personal development within the resource and funding constraints of the school.

Welcome from the Correspondent

Welcome to the Montfort Matric Higher Secondary School Kolathur. Since 1997 the school has been providing a quality, affordable, values-based education to the boys and girls of Kolathur and beyond.

MMHSS is much more than a great school. In keeping with its rich faith-filled past, it now has all the energy and vitality of a modern Catholic School in the Montfort Tradition. It is an inclusive and innovative school that is responding creatively to meet the wide range of needs of individual students who represent the full spectrum of a multicultural and diverse population. The school will continue to provide a vision into the future where people of all backgrounds have equal opportunities, equal treatment and the dignity and comfort of knowing they are supported and loved.

In this sense Montfort School is truly a Gospel place – a place of good news. The young Boys and Girls of this school continue to be open to ongoing education of their hearts and minds so that they can be truly men of faith and learning.

In recent years, the outstanding academic, social, religious and sporting reputation of the school has been significantly enhanced in teaching and learning and pastoral care.

In conclusion, partnership and right relationships are core to life at MMHSS. By living out the values of the Monfort Education Kolathur, MMHSS successfully create a caring professional learning community that is based on the values of the Gospel and the dream and Charism of Montfort.

Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of Montfort Higher Secondary School is – challenged by the values of Jesus and inspired by the educational vision of St. Montfort. It is committed to:

Encouraging the values of human family – values of love, goodness, integrity, respect, tolerance and compassion Nurturing the spirit and promoting the talents of young in a prayerful environment Developing a school where the dignity of each person is enhanced and where a broad education becomes the means of challenging a meaningful future.

MMHSS was established by the Brothers of St. Gabriel in 1997. From small beginnings it has grown into a large school and has built up a proud tradition in academic, cultural and sporting achievements.

Today, the school operates as an independent school under the governance of the Montfort Brothers of St.Gabriel, with a student population of 1000 from Years 15. The school draws students from across Kolathur and is well appreciated by surroundings.

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Montfort Matric Hr.Sec.School,
Kolathur P.O., 636 303
Salem Dt., Tamil Nadu

251961(O), 251231(Hostel)
252231(Matriculation School)


Community (2019 – 2020)

Bro. Paul Kachappilly – LS & Correspondent –

Montfort Matric

Bro. Paul Kaiprambat – Bursar

Bro. David Selvaraj – HM & Correspondent – Nirmala HSS

Bro. Paul Kaiprambat – Bursar

Bro. Crescentius – Chaplain

Bro. Sebastian J.