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Montfort Boys Town, Suva,Fiji Island

Long before Fiji became independent, on 10th October 1970, the growing aspirations of the people of Fiji for a better way of life, along with the ever increasing number of young people, who were unable to continue their education beyond primary level, resulted in a large influx to the town from the rural areas. In the wake of this rapid urbanization, jobs were scarce for the unskilled school leavers. Slowly disillusionment and frustration set in and they became social problems. The Fiji Government, while investigation ways and means of channeling the surplus youth force into productive areas of work, came up with the idea of basic technical education.

By providing technical education the government would not help to slove the unemployment problem among the youth, but also would make a positive contribution to the economic growth of the country. In their final analysis they came up with the idea of a well organized Boys’ Town with provisions for technical education, which would afford opportunities for the unemployed youth to use their latent talents in task of building a better Fiji for themselves and for others. Keeping these objectives in mind the official correspondence about Boys’ Town started from 8th April 1971 onwards with a letter from then Archbishop of Suva, His Grace Archbishop George H. Pearce, on behalf of the Prime Minister of Fiji, Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, to the Superior General. In answer to that letter, Rev. Romain Landry, the then Superior General, visited Fiji and met Ratu Mara and that paved the way for the presence of the Brothers in the South Pacific.

At the Superior General’s request, Bro. Antony Francisco, Provincial Superior of India, visited Suva, studied the situation and presented his proposals to the Government. The Government of Fiji accepted the proposals and Bros. Oliver Ericat and Albert Selvaraj left Madras on 30th April 1973. On their way they spent 2 days in Kuala Lumpur and 3 days in Singapore visiting the Boys Town and others institutes there. On May 3rd, Bro. Antoney Moreli reached Singapore and Bro. Antony Francisco on the 4th. All the four Brothers left Singapore on 5th May 1973 and they reached Nadi Nausori Airport at 8.20 a.m. on the 7th They were received at Nausori Airport by Rev. Fr.L. Hannan,S.M., Chancellor of Archdiocese of Suva, Mr. Nelson Delailomaloma, Secretary for Education, Youth and Sports. They were taken to the Government House at 64 Fletcher Road (House No 93) Suva, where they were to stay. Bro. Davis also arrived. On May 11th, the Brothers were officially welcomed by the Fiji Government at a cocktail dinner party in a very good hotel arranged by the Minister for Education. The following day, they were shown the land that was marked out for the Boys’ Town. After introducing the Brothers to the Government and Church leaders and others, on May 15, 1973, Bro. Antony Francisco left Fiji for Madras

This is the first institution of the Brothers in South Pacific Island. This was started in 1973. It is administered by the province of Yercaud. This is a well organized Boys’Town with provisions for Technical Education, which would afford opportunities for the unemployed youth to use their latent talents. This venture would better Fiji and themselves. A number of Brothers have contributed their yeoman service in this Island. In March 2001,Boys’Town celebrated its Silver Jubilee on a grand scale. Mr. Ratu Mara, who was Prime Minister of Fiji, and who is also considered the originator and Father of this ‘learning place’ was present on this auspicious occasion. The present community in Boys’Town conists of Bro. K.M.Thomas, V.K. Thomas and K.P. Shaji.

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Montfort Boys Town
P B No. 14421 Suva. Fiji Islands

Ph.No. 00679-7685274; 7456155


Community (2019 – 2020)

Bro. Shaji KP – DS, LS & Principal

Bro. Sabu Joseph – Bursar