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Montfort School (ICSE) ,Yercaud

“Lead kindly light, amidst the encircling gloom”

The Indian Certificate Of Secondary Education (ICSE) schools all over India come under the Inter State Board for Anglo Indian Education. Every Anglo Indian Institution has its own history, tradition, ethos, background, administrative system and fee structure. But the common factor among these schools is English Medium Instruction. These Schools also have permission for Religious Instruction. Earlier the students in Anglo Indian Schools were prepared for Cambridge School Examination. After Independence, all these schools opted for ICSE Examination, except Tamilnadu where A.S.L.C Examination is conducted by Tamilnadu Education Department.

In 1950, the makers of the Constitution of India, for obvious reason, not only provided for the nomination of two Anglo Indian M.Ps to the Lok Sabha and one Anglo Indian M.L.A to the State Legislatures, but also gave special rights to the Anglo Indian Schools Under Articles 29(1) and 30(1) of the Constitution of India. No other Schools in India is enjoying these rights. However, in Tamil Nadu due to the recent changes in Education policies and approaches, we had to make alternative arrangements for the benefit of foreigners and students speaking other languages. As a result, the Brothers of St.Gabriel, Yercaud Province decided to start a new ICSE school in the Mayfield compound which has hitherto housed the Junior Section of the Montfort A.I.School.This pioneering project was initiated by Bro.George K.J., in the year 2008-2009, and finally took shape in April 2010. As in Montfort, it has all the modern infrastructural facilities. This school is named after Fr.Gabriel Deshayes in order to perpetuate the memory of this great visionary, who is considered as the Second Founder of Montfort Brothers of St.Gabriel.

Gabriel Deshayes was the founder of more than 76 schools. He was the pioneer in the education of physically challenged and differently abled children. In order to remember his contribution for the differently abled, we have included the symbols of ‘eye’ and ‘ear’ as one of the School House Symbols.

The three House Symbols given below also suggest how we have to exploit the use of our senses and acquire the insight into everything we learn so that we will move from knowledge to the realms of wisdom.

School Emblem and motto

It consists of a shield with the images of Sun, Mountains, a tree, a flying bird, an open book, a cricket bat and a tennis racket. The portion of the shield the inscription ‘DS’ meaning ‘Dieu Seul’ or ‘God alone’. The frame below the shield contains the motto of the school in French ‘SOYEZ LUMIERE’, meaning ‘BE THE LIGHT’. John Milton would call light, “Hail holy light, offspring of heaven’s first born”. For John, the Evangelist , the Son of God is the light that shines in the darkness and the darkness has never put it out.” John 1:5

Jesus said ” I am the light of the world” John 8:12. He also asserted “you are the light of the world” . Mat 5:14. We are called upon to be “light” like Jesus our Master. All the scientific discoveries’ and research on light has not revealed to us the mysteries of light. God is light and is described best as such. All learners and teachers of Deshayes Mount are invited to recognize the existence of the spark of this supreme light deep within them. The image of the ‘Sun’ in the emblem suggests powerfully the concept of light and how we are lighted to light. The powerfully the concept of light and how we are lighted to light. The mountains represent the Shevaroyan hills challenging the ‘Deshayens’ to be strong as the mountains with all its characteristics. The tree represents the ecology and our mother earth which stands in need of urgent protection and care. It also giving shelter and fruitfulness. The eagle flying above, teaches us many a lesson challenging us to fly above the dark clouds moving towards the realms of success and achievement. The open book represents the excellent academic pursuit of the students and their quest for knowledge.

The cricket bat and tennis racket represent the importance of sports, games and the physical development of Deshayens – ‘ A sound mind in a sound body’. The emblem and motto includes many more unexplained and hidden meanings for the readers, to unearth and reflect upon.

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Montfort School ICSE (2009)
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