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Montfort A.I. Hr.Sec School ,Yercaud

The History of Montfort in essence is a history of ideas, visions and hard work of its pioneers, a cyclic poem written by time upon the memories of Brothers, Staff and Students. Montfort Anglo-Indian Higher Secondary School is a Residential institution with a glorious history dating back to 1st June 1917.

On the 11 th September, 1903, the first three French Brothers of St. Gabriel, Dennis, Martin de Vertou and Jean Baptist de la Salle landed in India at Pondicherry. Bro. Dennis was the Superior of the Gabrielist Mission in India Em-1904. He wanted to establish an institution which Would bring some resources to finance other works like orphanages and Houses of Formation.

After thirteen years of experience in India, Bro. Dennis chose Yercaud as an ideal place to start a school of their own because of its salubrious climate, the presence of a fairly large European community and the absence of any boys’ school. On 27th July 1916, Bro. Dennis purchased the Belle Vue estate of ten acres of land with four bungalows for a sum of Rs. 14,000. In January 1917, a little community of Brothers consisting of Bro. Omar, Director, Bro. Henry Gabriel and Bro. Stanislaus was sent to Yercaud.

They did all the spade work and Montfort school was started on 1st June 1917 with seven students – six boarders and one day scholar. Fr. Morin was the first Chaplain of Montfort. Bro. Dennis bought the Franc-Castle bungalow adjoining Belle Vue estate for Rs.4750.

In September 1917, Bro. Eugene who needed some rest was sent to Yercaud, Bro. Omar had to go to France to join the army. So Bro. Eugene was appointed as the Director of Montfort, where he spent thirty years forming and moulding generations of boys. Montfort looks upon him as its founder. Bro. Victrice was brought to Montfort in January 1918 to help Bro. Eugene in running the school. Their dedicated and relentless service helped in the rapid growth of Montfort to become a great educational institution. Bro.Eugene came to be known as Montfort’s Man of Destiny.

On 6th June 1918, the Montfort European Boys School was recognized as a Middle School by the Director of Public Instruction, Madras, with a fixed grant of Rs. 500/-, The school’s strength went up to 27 in February 1918. In November 1918, the first Prize Night was held before a modest gathering – parents and well wishers.

In February 1919, the strength rose from 27 to 43. Bro. Eugene borrowed money and bought, ‘Les Charmettes,’ with building and furniture at a cost of Rs. 9000/-. In the academic year 1920, the permission of the Director to open Std. VIII was effected. The strength had now risen to 55 of whom 34 were boarders.

His Excellency Lord Wellington, the Governor of Madras visited Montfort on 121 April 1921 and in June the school received a building grant of Rs. 41315/-. Side by side the building work thee leveling of the playground also was carried on. In May 1922, scouting was introduced in Montfort. A Chapel was constructed in this year. In course of time it was turned into an auditorium, then a laboratory, study hall and finally into the present library.

The new building which was considered the best in Yercaud was officially opened on the 25th April 1924 by the Home Minister for Development Mr. T.N. Sivagnanam. Debating Society was started for the boys of Stds. 7th, 81 and 9th , Bro. Eugene went home on one year leave and Bro. Victrice took charge of Montfort as Acting Principal in February 1925. The strength of the school recorded 112 on the roll. Bro. Eugene returned after his holidays in France for the reopening of the school in 1926. Bro. Eugene had new ideas. He wanted to publish a “School Annual” containing a record of school work and progress.

In 1928, there were 120 boarders and the big dormitory was found to be too small to accommodate all of them. Hence the seniors were shifted to Charmettes. This year the school was divided into three Houses: Montfort, Gabriel and Patrick. A new chapel, 113ft long and 32ft broad and quarters for chaplain were under construction. A new well had been sunk just below the playground. An aero-motor pump system with a tower 44ft high was installed to distribute water through pipes and taps to the entire school.

In June 1928, Bro. Victrice re joined the staff of Montfort, Bro. Eugene remained as Principal while Bro. Victrice was made the Headmaster of Montfort. For better administration a shared responsibility was brought into effect in May 1930. The standard of the school improved to enviable heights. There were now 130 boarders. At the Inter School Sports held at Salem our students won six cups and the championship shield.

In February 1931, Bro. Basilio joined Montfort as the Art Master. At the Grigg Memorial Sports Meet held at Namakkal in October, our boys secured the overall championship shield as well as the senior and junior championship medals. The new building that had been completed was blessed and declared open by the Bishop Premier of Salem. Bro. Eleazar after his studies joined the staff as a Science teacher in March 1933. On 1 It” April 1933, an Association for the Old Boys of Montfort was started and about forty old boys were present for the first meeting.

The school now was well established and it moved forward steadily year by year. The performance of our boys continued to be good in sports. Since Montfort carried away all the prizes in every Sports Meet, other schools refused to compete with us. So Grigg Memorial Sports Association asked Montfort to withdraw from the Association.

In August 1936, Bro. Victrice went to Secunderabad to take charge of St. Patricks as its Principal With September 1936, there began a new chapter in the history of Montfort. It was the dawn of the “Titch Era”, _Bro. Eleazar was now both Vice Principal and Headmaster.. Bro.. Eugene continued to be the Principal.

The year 1937 witnessed a lot of improvements in the school and boarding. The strength of the boarding rose to 117. A news reading room was set up for the senior boys.

Lord Erskine, Governor of Madras Presidency visited the school. He promised to help the school with government grants for a school hospital and electrification of the school. The work for the new chapel began during this period.

The years 1938 -…1942 (the years of Silver Jubilee celebrations) were years of great progress for Montfort. The strength of the boarding increased steadily year after year. The scout camps had become an annual feature in Montfort. The present chapel, a masterpiece of Franco – Indian architecture, stands tall as a proud possession of our past heritage. This splendid structure was blessed and opened by the Bishop of Salem on 12th’ November 1939. On 24th’ March 1940 the school was supplied with electric current and everybody felt very happy.. The strength of the school rose to 140. On 6′ November 1940 we had the first cinema show in the school.

The school reopened for the academic year 1941, in February, with a total strength of 204 of whom 160 were boarders. On 201 January Bro. Eleazer was appointed a member of the board for conducting the European High School and Middle School examinations.

On June 1942, the Silver Jubilee of Montfort School was celebrated on a modest scale. There was a thanksgiving High Mass in our school Chapel and a grant lunch for all. On the following day the school conducted its Sports Day. At the Prize Night on 27th Nov, Bro. Eugene gave a resume of the working and progress of the school during the past twenty five: years. He also announced Bro. Eleazer as his successor from January, 1943 and wished him great success in the discharge of his enormous duties. On 20th February, 1943, the school reopened with Bro. Eleazar at the helm of affairs and Bro. Herbert as Vice Principal. A new School Gate had been built opening to the Ornamental Lake. Bro. Eleazer was a great visionary, who transformed Montfort into a world class institution. His period was the golden era period in the history of Montfort and he is considered as the second founder of Montfort.

A new playground 175ft x 80ft was added to the existing games facility. There were 172 boarders the highest ever in the school. The high and middle school results were announced in January 1944. In the High School, A. Chengappa stood first in the Presidency with seven distinctions and H. Friedman second with six distinctions.

A school laundry was constructed where six dhobies were lodged. A gloom descended upon Montfort on 27th May 1944 following the sudden death of Fr. Mac Cormack.

After reopening in 1945, digging of a new open well was started near the school gate close to the Ornamental Lake to solve water scarcity. A lot of work was done on the playground including the compound wall built from third field corner to the school gate. In September 1946, a triangular Inter School Sports Meet was conducted comprising Montfort, Vestry… and Stanes.

On 15th November 1946, Bro. Eugene left to attend the General Chapter in Belgium. On 24th December, we received the sad news of his demise in sleep, Montfort lost not only its founder but also an eminent educator and a lover of children. May his soul rest in peace.

The celebrations in connection with the Canonization of St. Montfort and the first Independence Day of India were the chief features of the year 1947. In the high school results that appeared in January 1949 K. Chandy stood first in the Presidency.

The school reopened in February 1949 with Bro. Baptist as the new Principal. Under his patronage the Montfort OBA was revived to a three day celebration every year. A 35mm film was released on Montfort school, a film which even today our boys, both old and new enjoy watching. N.C.C. was started in the school with Mr. G. Mac and Mr. B. Wilson as N.C.C Officers.

The year 1950 was marked by the visit of the Statue of our Lady of Fatima to our school on 11th May. In February 1951, Bro. Anastase, Superior General of the Brothers of St. Gabriel visited Montfort school. In 1953, the Brothers of St. Gabriel celebrated the Golden Jubilee of their arrival in India. In the same year a granite cross was erected in memory of Bro. Eugene.

In 1955, Bro. Baptist left for Tindivanam and Bro. Bernardine became the new Principal and Headmaster. Two years later Bro. Eleazar once again became the Principal of Montfort school. On May 1957, Mr. Kamaraj the Chief Minister of Madras State visited the school. The strength of the school by now had risen to 304. In 1958 the Montfort Old Boys’ Association celebrated its Silver Jubilee. A Science Exhibition was held for the first time in November 1958.

In 1959 on 22nd May the Union Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri, who later became the Prime Minister of Indiaa visited the school.

Bro. John of the Cross assumed the office of the Principal for a short period.

Mr. Jagajeevan Ram, Union Minister of Railway visited our school in November 1959. After Bro. John of the Cross, Montfort had Bro. Felix as its Principal in 1960. Bro. Felicissime who was the Treasurer of Montfort since 1948 passed away. Bro. Claudien was appointed as the new Treasurer.


Bro.Felix left Montfort as his services were needed in Hyderabad, Bro. Zephrin took over as Acting Principal for a short time until Bro. Marcel Joseph was appointed in January 1963. On 28th April 1963 our beloved Bro. Victrice at the age of 90, expired in our school infirmary. He was the first President of the OBA from 1933 to 1936.

In 1963, Mr. Jacques, our music master retired from service. In May 1964, Bro. Felix was brought back as Principal of Montfort. The first district wise “Get-together” of the Montfort OBA was held in Madurai on 13th Dec, 1964.

Golden Jubilee celebration on 31st May 1967 began with a solemn Holy Mass of Thanks giving by Rt. Rev. Mark Gopu, Archbishop of Hyderabad. More than a hundred Old Boys attended this grand function. To mark this occasion, the Golden Jubilee Block was put up and the number of students now increased to 400. The Jubilee Link was published in the year 1967. Soon after the Golden Jubilee celebration Bro. Felix was transferred to Hyderabad and in his place Bro. John of the Cross was appointed once again.

The year 1969 saw a new Principal in the person of Bro. Anselm. He brought about great improvements in the field of sports and games. The swimming pool was constructed and the Annual Montfort. Table Tennis Tournament was initiated in 1971. The great Sarvodaya leader, Sri. Jayaprakash Narayan visited our school on 29th May 1972. He addressed the staff and senior students. In the year 1967 – 70 India’s first Chief of Army Staff General K. M. Cariappa visited Montfort. The following year the former Finance Minister, Mr. C. D. Deshmukh and Mrs. Deshmukh visited the school. Mr. J. D. Jatte , the Governor of Pondicherry also paid a visit. On the 1st of June 1971, the Old Boys’ Cricket Pavilion was inaugurated. It was later dedicated to the memory of Bro. Zephrin.

Bro. Zephrin who was synonymous with Montfort died of heart attack on 28th November 1973 at Louis Villa. He worked in Montfort for 34 years. Montfort lost one more of its noblest pioneers in his demise.

In 1973, the Tri-Centenary.Birth Celebration of our founder St. Louis Grignion De Montfort was celebrated in the campus. Mrs. Sivam our beloved Tamil teacher retired. Mr.A. J. K.Macedo, Maths teacher retired in 1975 after a long dedicated service. In 1975 ‘Mayfield’ was purchased and the present buildings were put up to start the Higher Secondary Classes. Presently, it houses the Junior School from Stds. III to VII.

From 1975 to 1980, Bro. Lawrence Joseph was appointed the Principal and Director. In 1977, the strength of the school touched 508 of whom 445 were boarders. The Superior General Bro.Jean Bulteau visited the school in 1978.

On 12th July 1978 the new building at Mayfield was declared open by Bro. Anselm and the Bishop of Salem blessed the buildings. On 15th August 1979 the second block of the Higher Secondary section was declared open by the District Collector and blessed by Mgs. ; Santhappa the Vicar General of Salem Diocese.

The block was dedicated to the memory of Bro. Eugene Mary the founder of Montfort School.

In May 1980, Mrs. Boson on health ground, retired from service. The introduction of Equestrian club attracted lot of attention and admiration. On 17th May 1980, Bro. Antony of Padua took over as the Principal of Montfort, Bro. Lawrence took the assignment of Provincial Superior in May 1980. Mr. J. B. Chatelier, our senior English Teacher retired after serving us for twenty eight years. Frequent failure of electricity posed a great problem and a hindrance to the studies of our boys. To overcome this a 35kv generator was installed on 12th December 1984. Another noteworthy contribution was the beautification of the main entrance to the school and the erection of a life size statue of St. Montfort very prominently installed in the newly laid out lawn.

Mrs. Macedo, one of our most experienced teachers was awarded the Government of Tamil Nadu award for her meritorious service in the year 1982. She retired after serving the school for thirty four years in May 1984. Fr. Benedict Alapatt who served this institution as Chaplain and French teacher for fourteen years passed away on the 6th December 1984. In 1985, the Higher Secondary was shifted from Mayfield to the main school and classes 3rd to 7th were moved to May field.

The offices of the Principal, Treasurer and clerks were all brought together to function in one block with ample facilities in each office. A Science Exhibition of high standard under the leadership of Bro. George K J was conducted by the Young Scientists Forum of Montfort.

Bro. Thomas Nather affectionately called Thatha Brother who served Montfort for 63 long years left, us for his heavenly abode on 4th of November 1980.

Dr. Radhakrishnan award was conferred on Mr. D.G.P. Ward, our English teacher in September 1984 by the government of Tamil Nadu. Computers were introduced in 1985 as part of the curriculum during Bro. P. L. Paul’s time as Principal of Montfort. His term of office was only for one year and he was succeeded by Bro. Joseph Louis in May 1986. He was Principal for five years. Montfort developed in many spheres. His valuable contribution was the construction of the spacious building that accommodates class rooms and dormitories for the Higher Secondary students and refectory for senior boys with a modernized kitchen. It was declared open in July 1990. It was named as the Platinum Jubilee building. For the first time a Philatelic cum Science Exhibition was conducted at Montfort due to the initiative and guidance of Bro. George. K. J, the Vice Principal. Bro. Claudien who had served Montfort for 20 years and very dear to everyone passed away on Ill May 1986.

On the 31st of October 1987, the Silver Jubilee of the religious profession of Bro. Joseph Louis was celebrated with all solemnity. Bro. Wilfred who served for 33 years as our Treasurer retired during this year, Mr. Thiyagarajan, our Art Master retired on the 31st of May 1986. Mrs. Y. Sathyan (Mrs. Y. Hendricks} retired after a long dedicated sincere service of twenty years. It was during this period of time, a forum christened J. T. T (Junior Talent Time)-was formed to blossom and nurture the talents of the Junior students. To emphasize on all round development, Inter School Competitions were held at Montfort named’ “Mont Fest”.

Bro. Augustine Novello assumed the office of the Director and Bro. Selvanathan became the Principal. Bro. Augustine spent a lot of time and energy improving the various gardens within Montfort. He gave a face lift to Montfort.

Mr. V Srinivasamoorthy our Hindi teacher after, serving Montfort for thirty two years retired on 31st May 1991. During this year, the project of solving water problem had been taken up by purchasing a piece of land with water source and a mighty well was sunk. A modern bakery unit had been set up during this year. Beautification of the entire school was one of the achievements. The Platinum Jubilee of our school was celebrated for three days in 1992.

In 1993 Bro.George Vazhayil assumed charge as Principal and Bro. Antony Francisco was appointed as Director. Bro. Antony worked hard to improve the various facilities for students and teachers. Bro. Dominic Savio took over the Directorship in 1995. Bro. George Vazayil introduced additional facilities for the students in the Computer laboratory. He was mainly responsible for the expansion of the Computer department. With his hard work and planning, he brought about many innovative developments at Montfort.

From 1996 to 1999, Bro. Sebastian. K. J was the Principal and Director of the school. He worked hard for the all round development of Montfort. He expanded the present Std ; VIII dormitory with a large bathing complex and also constructed the towering new concrete water tank with two comfortable visitors rooms. He converted the old dormitory in the Golden Jubilee building into a spacious study hall. He also added a well equipped gymnasium near the Physics Laboratory and purchased nearly 3 acres of land on the Bear’s hill.

In 1999, at the threshold of the third millennium Bro. George K. J. assumed office as Director and Principal. Excellence in studies and sports became the prime concern. Curricular and extra curricular activities were reactivated and vitalized.

Several innovative programmes were launched. French was introduced as second language for students of Stds 3rd to 6th in addition to Tamil and Hindi. Stress was laid on value based education, focusing on a special theme each year. “Cyber Fort” is a Computer lab for the students of Stds III to VII. It was inaugurated by Dr. C. Palanivelu, Director of School Education.

Montfort Higher Secondary School which was exclusively a boys’ school, became co-educational on 18th June 2002 with six girls joining in the eleventh standard. From the academic year 2003 – 2004, separate boarding facility has been made available for the girl students at `Marie Louis Trichet’ Home at Carmel Lynne which was acquired in December 2002 from Mrs. Macedo. In 2004, Mr. Purushothaman’s property adjacent to Carmel Lynne was purchased. In 2007, girl students were admitted from std III to VII. Melrose, another bungalow abutting Carmel Lynne was acquired in 2007. An indoor facility and a large study hall were built in 2009. A modern swimming pool was built in January 2010.

Today there are 108 girl students in Montfort from Std III to XII ( There are 102 girls in the hostel ).

More facilities were added-the land behind Les Charmettes was converted to a grass surfaced cricket field, and seven more tennis courts were added to the existing units. Montfort can soon boast of a 400m track with the extension of the first field and a spacious Study hall cum Newspaper reading room dedicated to the memory of Bro. Antony of Padua.

A modernized Infirmary with a lab-attached and full time resident doctors and two nurses cater to the sick. A pre – boiling water plant boils and filters the entire, drinking water supplied in the main school. The Parents Lounge, Staff rooms, telephone booths and email facility are other additional amenities of the campus.

In 2001, Bro. George K. J, the Principal initiated a revolutionary programme for the tribals of Yercaud in Kombuthooki, a small village , 20 kms away from Montfort. It was called the “Montfort Community Project” – A 21st century human empowerment programme. This has become an important feature in the history of Montfort as it has opened its gates to the poor and the downtrodden. The beacon of light brought to the Indian shores by our pioneers now shines with greater intensity at Kombuthooki. Kombuthooki is a small remote tribal village of Yercaud, 22kms away from our school.

There are a cluster of 18 villages with a net population of 7000 tribal people living in poverty and pestilence.

Bro. George K. J bought ten acres of land, leveled it, and the required buildings were constructed to start the Montfort Community Centre, which included a school and a health centre. This school began functioning on a moderate note on 10th December 2001 with 7 children . By December 2003, the strength has risen to 322 children both boys and girls. None of these children had attended school earlier. They were all first generation learners. A special feature of the school is a free nutritious meal served at noon and a cup of tea and biscuits in the evening. Text books, note books, uniforms, canvas shoes, slippers and warm clothes are supplied to the students free of cost.

A Primary Health Centre is also functioning in the premises. This mini-hospital was built by the 1986 batch of Old students under the leadership of Mr. Vinodhan Kandiah . Medical camps are organized periodically with the help of doctors from Vinayaga Mission. Today, there are classes from L.K.G to Std XII. The present strength of the school is 810 with 38 members of staff. Students passing out from Std XII are sent to Colleges and Universities for higher education. The entire expenses are met by the centre.

The intervention at Koravankadu is slowly and steadily bearing much fruits. A society that has been suppressed and sidelined is waking up to join the mainstream of life with hope and enthusiasm. The tribal have given up many of their negative and misguided activities such as brewing illicit liquor, growing opium, ; smuggling sandalwood, teak and other costly forest products. The increasing number of girl students in the school indicates the declining number of female infanticide. The various health camps have improved the health awareness among the tribal people. The lives of many tribal women and children were saved by the timely intervention of our health-care workers.

The community Centre, through its various programs is striving to establish a `Just Society’ that will be liberated from the clutches of evils, from outside as well as from within. The students are the first generation of regular learners. With school reaching upto Std XII, the elders of these villages are proud of their sons and daughters and are encouraging their children to become literates. The younger ones, enthused by the example of the seniors are attending regular classes with motivation and determination. The school and public examination results have shown that they are second to none. In sports, games and in other co-curricular activities they are matching the performance of the urban and economically well of students. This venture was mooted, planned realized and accomplished all within a short span-of one year by Bro. George K. J. His far reaching vision, ideals and tireless work has taken up Montfort to greater heights of excellence.

The Montfort campus was given another face-lift. The school has a second entrance guarded with huge statues of Mother Mary, and St Montfort. Marking the dawn of the new millennium is `The Millennium Commemorative’ opposite to the school office. There is also a new belfry which represents Montfort of Yesterday, Today and the new millennium. The neatly maintained campus with oil palms and numerous gardens, lawns and playfields add to the existing beauty of the compound.

The Superior General of the Brothers of St. Gabriel, Bro. Rene Delorme from Rome visited this institution twice in the year, 2000 and 2002. The Assistant General, Bro. Sirichai Fonseka from Rome also visited the school on 16th June 2001. His highness Sri Vijendra Saraswathi Swamiji of Kanchi Kamakodi Peedam visited the school on 23rd April 2002. The elite officers of the Educational and Police Departments, eminent Sports personalities and renowned entrepreneurs have visited and inspired the students.

The OBA was further activated with the participation and co -operation of the Old Boys attending most of the school activities – all the year round. Batches of past students returned to the Alma Mater to celebrate their, “Silver and Golden Jubilee Get-Together”. They also came back to the school to celebrate their 20, 30, and 40 years of graduating out from the school. Bro. George K.J. organized their get-together with the theme `Virtue and Labour’.

Ms. A. Nigh a dedicated teacher of our school was conferred the Dr. Radhakrishnan, Best Teacher, State award on 5th September 2001, Bro. George K. J, our Principal did us proud, being the recipient of the Best Teacher National Award on 5th September 2002 from His Excellency the President of India-Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

Sri. Rama Gopalan Rao, Hon’ble Governor of Tamil Nadu visited our School on 17th September. Fr. Harry the Chaplain, of Montfort left us on 22nd October. He was given a fitting farewell.

Bro Antony P.J took his final vows on 15th July 2001. Brothers Anslem and Wilfred celebrated their Golden Jubilee on 7th May 2003. Miss. Nigh after serving the institution for twenty eight years retired in February 2003.

Montfort Hr. Sec. School, Yercaud was chosen host for the Centenary celebration of the Montfortian Presence in India (1903 – 2003) on behalf of the Yercaud Province. Montfort is the second institution founded by the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel in India. This auspicious occasion was celebrated in the School campus on 18th and 19th of September 2003. A galaxy of dignitaries, VIPs, Brothers and Old Boys were present on both days. A very spacious special pandal was erected in the 1st field for this grand function. There were large gatherings on those two days. Sri. George Fernandes, Hon. Defence Minister of India inaugurated the Centenary Celebrations and declared open the Centenary Memorial christened “Pioneers Square”. Thiru Ponnusamy M. P. and former Union Minister of State, presided over the function.

A cultural programme and a colourful pageantry by the students of all our Montfortian institutions, recapturing our memorable past for a relevant tomorrow were performed on 18th evening. Hon. Chief Minster of Pondicherry, Thiru N. Rangasamy was the Chief Guest. Dr, S. Ramalingam Vice Chancellor of Periyar University presided over the function. At this “Grand Finale” of the Centenary celebration on the second day the whole hall was packed with dignitaries, VIPs, Brothers, well wishers, parents, teachers, old boys, students and others. Many were honoured with mementos and shawls. Hon. Union State Minister of Railways. Thiru A. K. Moorthy was the Chief Guest. Elaborate arrangements were made in a very efficient manner for meals for all, on both days. In the evening at 6 p.m. there was a “Musical Extravaganza” a programme by the Sound of Music, MCDS Chennai. The Centenary celebrations were a joyful event successfully organized with dignity and grandeur under the able leadership of Bro. George K. J.

Ms. Nigh and Mrs.Ignatius after their long active service, retired in 2003 and in 2004 respectively. Hon’ble Cabinet Minister for Health and Family Welfare Dr. Anbumani Ramadass, a distinguished Old Boy did us proud by presiding over our Annual sports Meet held on 24.7.2004 and also by his presence, the following day at the OBA Annual Meeting. In 2005, Bro.Ignatius was appointed as Director and Chaplain of Montfort. Bro.George K.J. continued to be the Principal and Correspondent.

The first field was extended further and a 400 meters grass turf was constructed. It took more than 4 years to complete this elaborate work. It was inaugurated in July 2007. In India, this is the first of its kind in a hill station.

The valley beyond the playground abutting Louis Villa was further deepened and was converted into a large lake called the `Marian Lake’. The lake receives the entire rain water of the compound and has a large quantity of fishes. The road around the lake with the gardens serves as a meditation centre.

Purchase of SEVEN pieces of property
Following the example of St. Montfort, our founder, Bro.K. J. George, the Principal was well known, for his trust in Divine Providence. In spite of the lack of funds he, together with Bro. Ignatius and his dedicated team of Brothers at Montfort community was able to purchase seven pieces property around the main campus abutting the School.. These properties were purchased from

1. Mrs. Macedo in 2002, Carmel Lynne, now M L T Girls’ hostel:

2. Mr. K. Sundaresan, in 2004, near Bear’s hill

3. Mr. Purushothaman, in 2004 an old boy of Montfort

4. Mr. Gunter, Melrose Bungalow, in 2007, additional facility for MLT hostel]

5. Dr. Devassy, in 2007, namedd as `Francisco Bhavan’ (in memory of Bro. Antony Francisco)

6.Mr. Mohammed Yusuf, in 2008, close to ‘Anbu Illam’ named as ‘Padua Nivas’ rememberance of Bro.Antony of Padua )

7. Col. Hugh Marly, in 2010, christened as `John Villa’ (recollecting the great service of Bro. John of the Cross )

After a lapse of many years Anglo-Indian. Inter-School Sports Meetwas revived and the Meet was again held on the 3rd and 4th August 2007 at Montfort School. This meeting together of Anglo-Indian Schools once in four years is made possible.: by the initiatives and efforts of our Principal Bro.George K. J., Dr. Oscar. Nigh, MLA was the chief guest of this sports meet.

Mr. Karunanidhi, Honorable Chief Minister of Tamilnadu was in Yercaud on 15 September 2007. Bro. George K. J. , Principal, along with Bro. Director, and school captains made a courtesy call on him and presented a bouquet of flowers and ponnadai.

Sri. Surjit Singh Barnala the Governor of Tamilnadu, visited our school on 17th September 2007. The whole school assembled to greet him at 1.30 pm. Bro. Principal welcomed him on behalf of the school. Due to bad weather, he was not able to leave for Chennai. He left on the next day from Montfort at 11.00 am by helicopter.

Our beloved Bro. Antony Francisco departed from us on 27th December 2007. He was weak due to ill health, stayed in Montfort school. Throughout his life as a Brother, he was well known for his dedication and it was unparalleled. wring his long religious service he held various responsibilities, which included the Provincial Superior of Indian Provinces and Vicar General of the Brother of St. Gabriel. After his retirement he stayed at Montfort and he involved himself in counseling and also was interested in Reiki and Pranic healing. He left for his reward leaving his mortal remains at Eachinkadu cemetery on 28th December 2007.

The Twin Centenary Memorial and the Grand Entrance :
In 2003, Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel celebrated the centenary of their presence in India. As the second Montfortian Institution (1917), Montfort school was the venue of this celebration for the Province of Yercaud. Again in 2016, Montfort school will be celebrating its centenary. In order to mark these two events, viz. 100 years of Montfortian presence in India and the centenary of Montfort School, the twin centenary memorial was erected in December 2009. It consists of a large column measuring 100 feet with a statute of St. Montfort,-25 feet tall on top. The statue weighs 16 tons and was lifted in 9 pieces. The circumference of thee column is 20 feet and the four sides of the base carries inscriptions on the life of St. Montfort in four languages, viz., English, French, Tamil and Hindi. This monument is modeled after the Trafalgar Square in London.

The Grand Entrance was also modified to mark the above two events and `De Montfort Auditorium’:’ started in 2007 is to be completed in 2010.

Auditorium De Montfort :
An Auditorium Complex having a seating capacity of more than 3500 persons was started in 2007. The foundation stone was laid on 16th December 2007 by Dr. Anbumani Ramadass, Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare, an eminent Alumnus of Montfort School. It will take another 6 – months for completion. Montfort will be the only school in India having a quality Auditorium of this magnitude. It was a herculean task to get the necessary permissions from the civil and the ecclesiastical authorities to construct this magnificent structure. Bro. K.J. George and his team of Brothers together with the staff and the students prayed ardently to God to bless this outstanding endeavour for the use of the posterity of this institution. A permanent museum cum exhibition hall has been opened under the Chapel on 28th April 2010. This will include the life history of St. Montfort, history of the school, rare items and souvenirs of the school from 1917 till date. In April 2010, Bro. George K.J. was appointed as the Provincial Superior of Yercaud Province. He took charge as Provincial Superior on 28th April 2010 and he moved to “Louis Villa”.

When Bro. George Kalangod took over as the Provincial Superior in April 2010, Bro. Thomas K V was appointed as the principal. As he was settling down as Principal, he met with a serious car accident. He had a neck injury, but was saved miraculously.

In 2011, Bro. Varghese K J was appointed as the Principal. Bro. Varghese is interested very much in sports and games and is providing a lot of opportunities for Students to participate in Sports and games in and outside the school. More ‘interactive boards’ have been provided in classrooms.

Montfort has produced numerous distinguished personalities in all walks of life-leaders, soldiers, battle heroes, freedom fighters, Ambassadors, politicians, priests, Bishops, sportsmen, Olympians, entrepreneurs, social workers, research scholars, scientists and Nation builders. Year by year our school has steadily progressed and she continues to grow and develop by leaps and bounds. Today the strength of the school has increased to 980 students with 106 girl students. The strength of the staff members also has gone up to 107. True to its motto, Montfort is a hive of learning buzzing with curricular and co-curricular activities. She has withstood the test of time-and shadow of changes for nearly a century and is proudly galloping towards a new realm of excellence in the Third Millennium with `Virtue and Labour’ and Heaven for her guide.


Montfort A.I Hr Sec. School(1917)
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Montfort School ICSE (2009)
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Community (2019 – 2020)

Bro. Domnic Savio – LS & Correspondent 

Bro. Lourdusamy – Bursar

Bro. Sebastian Olickal – Administrator

Bro. Jacob Ezhanikatt 

Bro. Kennedy A.S

Bro. Arockia Robert A

Bro. Kasmir Jesu Raja A

Bro. Bosco

Bro. George Irudayaraj S – ICSE incharge

Bro. Rahul Selvam